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Elisa Mazza, Danila Olivieri and Stefano Sberze graduated at Milan IED Fashion Lab in 2008. Since then they followed different paths. After a short experience in a style office Elisa returned to Turin, her hometown, where she decided to start her brand Minimal To, that took birth from Turin Underground culture. Danila moved to London and worked with a couple of English brands. She later came back to Italy to put her experience in practice with theater costume-shops and within movie productions. Stefano participated in the 2008 My Own Show contest for best IED designer and collborated with prestigious Italian brands. Thease three designers joined their efforts and goals in one and only project, born from their desire to express and realize their own ideas. 'Minimal To' grew out from this meeting in 2011. Ongoing observation of society is the base of the creative research of the brand. Quality of materials and tailoring excellence are frame to essential but unconventional items. Rigorous lines embrace a more technical soul, characterizing the ductility of each item. The aim of the brand is creating a unique cross style, recognizable trough time and that would not fade away within a season.
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