About Us

Located on Forest Avenue in the heart of Downtown Laguna Beach, Just Looking Boutique is a go-to local fashion destination. The owner, Heshmat Shirazi, strives to source the highest quality attire, hand picked from designers around the world. Local residents and tourists have been peaking their imaginations with the lastest sophisticated, cutting edge styles.

With amazing jewelry hand-made by local artists, latest European Designs, and dedicated customer service, all tailored to fit you perfectly, Just Looking Boutique offers a one of a kind experience. Because of your overwhelming support and interest over the last 45 years and counting, together our mutual passion for design has led us to be a cornerstone of this unique community.

The concept of fashion has often been a far reaching goal that we strived for… That image of a model, or that of a breathtaking outfit that you put on for a special occasion. It is clear to us that the ‘perfect’ model in a magazine, nor a one time special event that truly defines fashion – it is you. Fashion is how you express yourself each and every day of the year. The garments we offer come all over the world including America, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Israel, and beyond. Each piece is hand selected to be relevant for your daily needs.

As of late, Just Looking Boutique has been struggling along with many others in the midst of the recent pandemic and systemic uprisings. Now, faced with a new reality where our needs have changed, as has the venue for fashion, it is as important now more than ever to feel and look our best. We can still show off our most fashionable outfit every day whether indoors, outdoors, online, offline, and with or without a mask. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime to share your ideas and stories about today's fashion with us!  In-spite of the current atmosphere of instability, one thing remains constant – Just Looking Boutique is here for you to help you look and feel your best!